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Sales Letter

Real-Life Fully-Formatted TemplateŽ

Below is an example of one of the more than 129 Real-Life Templates included in Instant Business Letter Kit. What makes Real-Life Templates stand out from the typical cut-and-paste generic templates is that Real-Life Templates are professionally written fully-formatted business letters that are based on actual business situations.

In effect, each Real-Life Template is a separate "mini-case study" of a typical real life situation that you will encounter on a regular basis if you are involved in any kind of business, whether its small business, home business, or a large corporation.

The beauty of Real-Life Templates is that they can be loaded straight into your word processing program. (MS-Word, etc.). Then all you need to do is a bit of copying, cutting, and pasting, and presto, you will have a fully-formatted professional document all ready to send out!

Sales Letter - Real-Life Template

The above is just one example of the many real-life templates in Instant Business Letter Kit.

With that Kit, you will be able to instantly download more than 129 professionally written fully-formatted real-life letter templates -- for every situation -- via the following link:

Instant Business Letter Kit

As soon as you download those templates you will be able to quickly and easily copy, cut, paste and revise any of them to fit your own situation and requirements in a matter of minutes.